AIIMS Physician Highlights Two Elements For Future Covid-19 Wave

New Delhi: Amid fears of a 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Assistant Professor Division of Medication Dr Neeraj Nischal has highlighted two components – one is virus associated and second is human-related – on which the longer term Covid-19 wave relies upon.

Elaborating on the identical, he mentioned the coronavirus mutation may be averted by following a correct behaviour when in a crowded place or with an already contaminated particular person.

“Now virus mutates and becomes more infectious. It is something which is beyond our control. But of course, if we do not allow this virus to replicate in our body then maybe this type of mutations can be avoided. What we can do to control is our behavior,” ANI quoted Dr Nischal as saying.

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“We’ve been speaking about Covid acceptable behaviour for 15-16 months and we all know that by Covid acceptable behaviour, one can cease these waves altogether. That had occurred within the second wave additionally,” he added.

Responding to a poser about the lockdown to curb further spread of Covid-19, Dr Nischal emphasized “it is important for us to follow Covid appropriate behaviour as that is definitely helpful in stopping the spread of the infection”.

“When the lockdown was introduced, everybody was forced to follow Covid appropriate behaviour and this wave stopped,” he said.

Dr Nischal also appealed to all citizens to get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Even if you get the infection then it will ensure that you don’t get a severe form of the disease,” he said.

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AIIMS chief Dr Randeep Guleria had earlier on Saturday said a third Covid wave in India is “inevitable” and it could hit the nation in the next six to eight weeks.

The AIIMS Director also said that “a national-level lockdown cannot be a solution” as it adversely affects the economy, which is still reeling under the impact of past restrictions.

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