How The Sri Lankan Crew Was Busy ‘Bargaining’ For Carpets Earlier than The 1996 WC Ultimate

Sri Lanka will full 25 years of their 1996 World Cup win on 17 March, 2021. The erstwhile gamers are celebrating the silver jubilee on the Shangri-La Resort in Colombo on seventeenth. A Sri Lankan web site ‘Newswire’ has quoted senior journalist Rex Clementine who revealed tales of Arjun Ranatunga concerning the historic 1996 World Cup.

Clementine mentioned that Ranatunga as soon as mentioned it to him that earlier than the 1996 WC Ultimate in Lahore, the Sri Lankan crew obtained busy shopping for carpets at a bargained value. When captain Ranatunga obtained to find out about it, he obtained actually offended. What occurred subsequent, learn Arjun Ranatunga’s personal account to know extra.

The next is an account came about earlier than the beginning of the 1996 WC Ultimate match.

I woke up a little late and as I was walking in for breakfast, Duleep Mendis and Roshan Mahanama joined me. We could see the Australian team; all wearing the same kit, seated in the same table and having breakfast. I asked where our chaps are. Roshan informed me there’s a carpet sale downstairs and all our guys were there. I quickly went there. The boys were bargaining at the top of their voices. I was angry.

Here we are going to play the greatest game of our lives and our preparation could be better. But Duleep told me something interesting.

He said ‘look, before a big match like this players are usually tensed. But look at our guys. They are relaxed. Don’t put undue pressure on them.’ I thought fair point.

Then, I walked towards my teammate and I too started bargaining for carpets.

(As mentioned to Rex Clementine)

This incident reveals the fascinating relation which Arjun Ranatunga had along with his crew. That was Sri Lanka’s most profitable cricket event. Later, they performed two cricket World Cup finals in 2007 and 2011, however misplaced to Australia and India respectively.

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