Neeraj Chopra’s Coach Opens Up About The Rigorous Coaching That Went Into Securing Olympic Gold

Neeraj Chopra’s coach, Germany’s Klaus Bartonietz opened up concerning the quantity of onerous work that went into. He spoke concerning the form of coaching modules that he needed to comply with with Neeraj Chopra. Chopra secured the gold medal with a throw of 87.58 meters. 

Bartonietz has been Neeraj’s coach since 2019. He stated that stability is one thing that Chopra improved on over the interval of two years of coaching. 

“Run-up speed, (not) blocking incorrect body position and ‘rushing’ into the throw as a young powerful athlete…. these were the shortcomings I found (at the beginning). The follow-through should be more forward than on sideways,” Bartonietz instructed PTI in an interview from his dwelling in Germany.

“I made him understand and he started understanding the correct way. There was nothing dramatic. The angle of release should be right, you need to know aerodynamics if you want to throw farther. We have to do step by step to develop.

“Little doubt, there are enhancements now we have made. There have been shortcomings however now we have labored them out.” The German coach said that Chopra is an “all-rounder” athlete who is good at other exercises apart from a javelin. He was all praises for Chopra and said that he knew Neeraj will be a top thrower. 

“I used to be positive, everyone was positive as a result of some folks do very properly in junior degree however worn out in a while. However he was entering into a complicated method (after turning into world junior champion). So, everyone was positive he has a vibrant future,” he said. 

Chopra’s first throw went for 87.03 meters, second for 87.58 meters while the third throw was 79.79 meters. His second throw of 87.58 meters was enough for India to secure a gold medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020. As revealed by the coach, it was part of the plan to give the best effort in the first two throws. 

“You can not save your greatest throw consciously until the top. You do not know whether or not you’ll make the primary three,” the coach stated. 

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