Seize This 27″ Asus Curved Monitor for $220 and Play Video games in Wonderful 165 Hz

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27″ Asus Curved Monitor | $220 | Amazon

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your monitor, here’s a deal for you. You can grab this 27″ Asus curved monitor for just $220, and it’s a powerhouse. The biggest feature here is its 165 Hz refresh rate, which will heavily reduce lag and motion blurring. The trade off is that the monitor is 1080p, though that’s to be expected with high refresh monitors. Many gamers prioritize refresh rate over resolution, so that’s a matter of preference. Beyond that, the monitor comes with a host of special perks like Asus’ Extreme Low Motion Blur and tech that reduces flicker. The screen has 1500R curvature as well, so the entire thing is really built with immersion in mind. Less blur, more wrapping a big screen around your face.

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