Contraceptive Darts: The Beginning Management Colombia Is Utilizing For Its Hippos To Cease Over-Breeding

New Delhi: Colombia, struggling to manage its outsized hippopotamus inhabitants, has began to dart the animals with tailored contraceptives to cease over-breeding, new company Reuters reported. 

The hippos, native to Africa, are a legacy of Colombia’s deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar who had imported them for his non-public zoo, the report stated.

The Animal and Plant Well being Inspection Service (APHIS) of the US Division of Agriculture is alleged to have donated 70 doses of the GonaCon contraceptive to neuter the animals.

The contraceptive darts are usually used to manage deer populations.

In line with APHIS web site, GonaCon works by stimulating the manufacturing of antibodies towards gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which is “a key reproductive hormone needed to produce estrogen and progesterone and to trigger ovulation”.

David Echeverri, coordinator for forests and biodiversity at Cornare, a regional environmental authority, informed Reuters that round 90 hippos, descendents of these Escobar introduced into the nation over 30 years in the past, are considered roaming round Colombia.

Escobar reportedly purchased 4 hippos from a zoo in California, and flew them to his Napoles ranch within the early Eighties. They bred to change into supposedly the largest wild hippo herd outdoors Africa, which is each a neighborhood curiosity and a hazard, AFP reported in 2020. 

In line with a research printed within the Organic Conservation journal, the invasive animals may assault individuals and destroy crops, and their waste threatens water environments. Neutering the hippos by surgical sterilisation is taken into account dangerous, and expensive too.

The APHIS is hoping the darting marketing campaign will assist cease the inhabitants progress of the hippos. 

Jason Bruemmer, mission chief for fertility management at APHIS, informed Reuters that the numbers should be managed now, “earlier than it will get to the 1000’s, earlier than individuals get killed and extra of the surroundings will get negatively affected”.

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