Easy Kaul’s Character In ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ Sheds Gentle On Home Violence

New Delhi: Actress Easy Kaul, who’s seen enjoying ‘Koel’ within the ongoing present ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’, has talked in regards to the ongoing monitor within the present that displays the issue of home violence by means of her character.

The actress shares her preliminary ideas on this alteration in ‘Koel’s life and the emotional turmoil she goes by means of within the present.

She says: “The latest episodes have been a challenge for me because we are projecting a completely different side of ‘Koel’ and her life. In the beginning I had not been briefed about this side of her; it came up much later in the story, so it was something very new for me and it came with a lot of responsibility as well.”

Easy goes on: “The current track made me pay much closer attention to something that was otherwise only at the back of my mind. My focus was on understanding her toxic past and the emotions that came with it, and then relating those to her present and how those would come about in the episodes.”

She additional reveals the trajectory of the present that’s about ‘Koel’s daunting previous touchdown up in entrance of her once more as ‘Abhay’, her very controlling husband, who comes with authorized assist this time for his or her son Nikhil’s (Nirbhay Thakur) custody.

“Her husband tracks her down at the academy and comes with police and his legal team to get his son’s custody. This brings up a lot of past trauma for her and she is also worried about the safety of her son. She is at a difficult crossroads. Either she gathers strength to stand up against the violence for her son’s sake or succumbs to ‘Abhay’s dominance and abuse. So, it is going to be insightful to see how her story evolves and how the other trainees get involved in the matter.”

Sharing her ideas on this regarding topic, Easy says: “Domestic violence is not much talked about or discussed around us, and we are bringing forth this much relevant topic in hopes that people pay attention to it and reflect upon it. ‘Koel’s story is the story of a lot of women across the country and domestic violence plagues our society.”

Speaking about how Koel’s position has impacted her, she provides: “Playing this character made me understand the experiences of many other women very closely. It hasn’t been the easiest to essay such an intense storyline.”

‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ airs on Sony SAB.

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