James O’Keefe, Skilled Particular person Impersonator, Firmly Denies Impersonating Individuals

That’s O’Keefe.

That’s O’Keefe.
Picture: Pablo Martinez Monsivais (AP)

James O’Keefe, whose legal document contains entry of a federal lawmaker’s workplace beneath false pretense together with three goons dressed as phone repairmen, would love you to know that he didn’t, beneath any circumstance, function pretend accounts on Twitter.

That settles that.

A Twitter spokesperson on Thursday advised Gizmodo that, regardless of his declaration of innocence and threats to sue the corporate, O’Keefe was, in reality, caught “misleading others” by “operating fake accounts,” which is a violation of considered one of its longstanding guidelines.

O’Keefe’s Twitter account has been completely suspended. His group, Venture Veritas, can be at the moment suspended.

In a press release on Telegram, O’Keefe denied having “operated fake accounts,” calling the accusation “defamatory” and promising to sue. Twitter had no touch upon the matter.

James O’Keefe mugshot from failed phone-tampering escapade

James O’Keefe mugshot from failed phone-tampering escapade
Picture: Federal Authorities

O’Keefe supporters, together with Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, whose workplace telephones presumably nobody has ever tried tampering with within the midst of an idiotic costumed caper, rushed to O’Keefe protection solely moments after the ban was in place.

A few of them, together with journalist (positive, why not) Andy Ngo had been desperate to hyperlink the ban to O’Keefe’s work.

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Screenshot: Twitter

The suspension comes on the again of a blockbuster report by O’Keefe, defenders say, involving… wait this will’t be proper… nope, checks out… involving considered one of O’Keefe’s staff impersonating a nurse on Tinder.

The worker, in response to the New York Submit, managed to document a CNN staffer confessing to a Huge Conspiracy by the community to play up covid-19 loss of life tolls in an effort to get Joe Biden elected, or one thing.

The worker, whose job didn’t entail the tallying of covid-19 deaths, is described in studies as a “technical director,” which loosely means he is aware of easy methods to work an audio board.

Greater than 560,000 Individuals have died because of contracting covid-19, in response to authoritative sources, corresponding to high vaccinology, epidemiology, and contract-tracing consultants all throughout the nation.

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